The Arin Training Manifesto

Manifesto (aka Credo)

Mission: Flexibility & proper joint movement are paramount for strength, speed, & function — therefore, importance is placed to provide & promote coaching that reduces risk of injury & increases muscle function needed for all qualities of physical performance. This is achieved by building a holistic experience in physical preparation & exercise coaching to help individuals enhance productivity & increase mental focus, energy, & drive.

Expertise You Can Trust: Arin Training provides gold-standard instruction for strength, flexibility, & body re-composition via applied kinesiology in semi-private format. We strive for honest & reliable information in health & human performance — information that is increasingly difficult to find in an industry often marred by widespread use of myth & deception at the expense of safety and integrity. In such we’re personally invested in client success & pledge to provide the most effective instruction to clientele without frills or gimmicks.

Code of Ethics: Working within industry parameters of ethical standards & guidelines towards safety, trust is sought from clients in the quest of achieving fitness from personal experience, professional experience, & scientifically valid evidence-based research. This trust will prove to become a valuable tool in allowing for continuous maturation of physical ability & critical thinking for both client & coach.


Sure, bargain toilet paper or discounted office supplies are fine, but would you trust your body to discounted, ill-informed personal trainers that merely stand there counting reps or even worse, kick your butt just to see how much you can sweat for the sake of precipitation — because apparently more sweat is better, right? Let it be known loud and clear: This is not your typical personal training experience & we will not bow down to inadequate training methods or trends. The process here is completely edifying.

The goal is to ensure your fitness and the means by which you achieve it works for you. It means cleaning up confusion, educating you on what to do, when to do it, and how much to do based on your fitness experience and objectives.

The Over-Training Hype. We don’t buy much stock in the “over-training” propaganda. When it comes to sub-par results, over-training is seldom the issue. It is often under-recovery. Under-recovery is why results decline. Efficient recovery — and the methods for which one takes to recover both physically and psychologically — is crucial for all training systems no matter your goal.

Pain Isn’t Synonymous With Exercise. If you’re looking for elaborate celebrity workouts, how-to-get-bigger-butt exercises, & cliche epitaphs like “no pain no gain,” we immediately I urge you to look elsewhere. This isn’t our vibe. We’re not drill sergeants and this isn’t the military. We’re not doing this for more followers on social media. We’re not “fitness professionals” talking fancy language just to sound scientifically smart in order to justify our career.

Note From The Founder, Arin Gragossian

Do You…

  • Spend all of your hard earned money on a trainer with lackluster results?
  • Postpone progress & potential on the makeover you always wanted?
  • Read a myriad of articles, but don’t know how to put it all together?
  • Get lost or overwhelmed when stepping into a gym on your own?
  • Have lingering tightness or pain that sometimes worsens?

The Bad Workout…

How many times have you had a bad workout because you didn’t know what to do? Or perhaps you know way too much, but need it all packaged & simplified. In today’s media, there is so much conflicting information on right versus wrong. Do versus don’t. There are many ways to train, but increasingly more wrong ways than right. Stop questioning whether you’re doing what it takes to make progress & quit wasting your time. Simplification is key to success — and it is our job to simplify things for you to understand, execute, & triumph.

If you’ve had negligent trainers or scream-in-your-ear coaches before, chances are you’ve been lied to. We will not create fancy workouts for you to sweat hard because it’s how they do it on YouTube videos. Just because you are capable doesn’t mean it’s optimal: The negligent teachings in weightlifting can hinder fitness goals. If the car engine rattles, you don’t turn up the radio to avoid hearing the rattle — you get it checked out. An imbalance today will become amplified tomorrow. A cute baby-lion will grow to become a beastly predator. Our goal is to provide you with instruction to balance your body by reducing injury risk. We’ll design every aspect of your training from reps, sets, rest periods, stretching, & nutrient needs. All we need from you is to be eager to learn, adhere, & execute with the tools we provide without excuses.

Let Our Expertise Help You Triumph.

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Don’t Train Maximally, Train Optimally

When we train, we need to strive towards achieving our physical goals through optimal training, not maximal training. In other words, train smarter to accomplish your objective rather than training as hard as possible.

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