Book Your First Session Here to begin a free start-up session or consultation. If you have questions, please Send Message Here. We will reply within 24 hours. This Start-Up Session will help you decide if personal training is right for you. Before connecting, please consider your goals and how much time you wish to invest in a trainer each week.

Personal Training Gym – Pasadena Strength & Conditioning Facility in Pasadena, CA.

In-Home Private Training – Outcalls To Pasadena, Arcadia, Highland Park, Glendale, DTLA.

◆ Soft-Tissue Bodywork – Outcalls To Pasadena Area As Well As Malibu, Oxnard, & Ventura, CA.

We recommend lifting weights 2-4 times per week. But you need to understand a few things:

In general, frequency is better than volume (Frequency > Volume) for most. This is especially true for beginners who need frequent repetition to become acclimated. Also… your brain is wired to learn efficiently at shorter periods.

Training once weekly is never ideal. Training intense with high volume everyday isn’t either. Based on these principles, your personal goals, injury history, and lifestyle, we recommend lifting between 2-4 weight training sessions per week.

There are obvious exceptions to these guidelines that include 5-day and 6-day splits based on age, fitness objectives, and training experience (gym age).

Personal Training plans are 60-70 minutes. Condensed Coaching Plans are 40-minutes.

Exercise duration is dependent on age, goals, gym experience, stress level, and injury history. Our plans are structured to give you several options for your needs. A standard 60-70 minute workout for private traininees and a slightly shorter 40-minute condensed workout for those seeking a more budget-friendly semi-private option.

Personal training plans (60-70 min) are private one-on-one sessions. You may add a friend or family member to your sessions for an additional cost.

Condensed coaching plans (40-minutes) are semi-private partnered sessions. A partner will be provided for you, or you may enroll a friend or family member to exercise with you. See Plans page for pricing.

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