Arin Gragossian

Founder | MS, CSCS, FDN

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Stretch Coach


3 Big Mistakes We See In The Gym

1. POOR FLEXIBILITY OR RECOVERY: Place flexibility & recovery in the forefront if you desire proper structural advancement & better overall workouts. It’s not about how hard you can go, but how well you stretch, recover, sleep, & manage stress.

2. OVER-COMPLICATING WORKOUTS: No need for the latest & greatest fancy equipment. Less is more — simplify your routine to master baseline movements & develop a pattern of adherence.

3. GOING TOO HEAVY AT WRONG TIME: The ego is your worst enemy. Why attempt 40-pound curls w/ bad form? Breathe right, lighten the load, fix your posture, & put the ego aside for better results.

CLEAN. REFINED. UPGRADED. Shouldn’t you train efficiently & put that health club to good use? We build a holistic experience in exercise coaching. We’ll simplify + educate you to be efficient by not leaving progress or potential behind. Accepting new clients for FALL 2017.


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Training without a solid game plan is daunting. We’ve educated hundreds of clients, athletes, and other trainers and are excited to get on the air to share our experiences. New podcast (iTunes, Google Play), YouTube (ArinTV), and published material coming soon!


Expertise To Help Triumph + Conquer Fitness

Don’t get overwhelmed stepping into your gym. Many try to diet and exercise, but fail. Become independent by knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. See what others are saying about their transformation and gym confidence in our testimonials.


Don’t Get Stuck w/ Mediocre Trainers

This isn’t some part-time gig. In a fitness industry marred by myth and deception, we provide honest, reliable fitness coaching with over 12 years experience, formal graduate studies in kinesiology, and gold-standard credentials from top industry leaders.



I think Arin always humbly told me it’s never a good trainer, but rather a good client’s hard work when it comes to seeing results. I see his humble point in giving me credit, but I know I couldn’t have toned up and gained all this muscle without his hard work and guidance. He’s a real fitness guru (and nicest). I’m lucky to have found the best trainer.

Kenneth W.

Dude, you’ve turned me into a beast. I love it! Thanks for the awesome training and advice!!! I’m honestly in a bit of a shock…I don’t even recognize myself. I have never looked this good in my life before. You get trainer of the year award in my book!

Dirk V.

Results speak for itself. And my results came through — as Arin put it — with the combination of hard work in the weight room and ample meal planning in the kitchen. It goes without saying that without his coaching and guidance I couldn not have acheived this and instead would be spending countless hours online with different Google searches, chat forums, and overwhelming articles contradicitng one another over and over again. Arin made things clear from the start, laid out the agenda, and hammered out the coaching with ease. He’s been doing this a long time so I had confidence. And now I have results to show for. Thank you.

Jimmy Z.

I’m 50 and a devoted couch potato. I sought out a personal trainer who would motivate me to work out because it’s not something I will do on my own. I’ve been with Arin for over a year now – one hour, twice a week. Arin is professional, personable and attentive, and I can really see results. I’m much stronger than when I started, and my joints no longer hurt. I also have a lot more energy than I used to. Arin is always willing to explain how a particular exercise or movement will affect my body, and how it fits into the entire program. He determines and keeps track of what weight/resistance I use for a particular exercise, as well as the number of sets/ repetitions (he gives me heavier weights than I would do on my own, but that’s what I’m paying him for). And he customizes the fitness program based on your needs and your progress. I can definitely recommend Arin without reservation.

David M.

I started working with Arin around 2 months ago, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. I came to him very out of shape, with very little muscle and quite a bit of belly fat from living an unhealthy lifestyle.


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